04 December 2017

The Right Step and AARM International
1st Customer Experience International Conference:


“Customer Loyalty is Over Rated”


"Businesses can’t look at branding and marketing the way they did decades ago. If companies aren’t willing to adapt and change quickly, they will suffer considerably as an organization in today’s dynamic and competitive business environment." - Harvard Business Review 2017
Now is the time to re-focus on Customer Experience,
to make our differentiated value customer addicted
and be habitual to our products and services".


-  external business consultants
-  internal company champions in CRM/CEM
-  Chief Executives
-  Marketing Strategic Directors/Senior Managers
-  All Indonesia AARM PCRM certified members


The increase your opportunity to lead the company, prosper and become highly valued.
To seize this opportunity, they must learn how to psychologically and practically
engineer customer experiences that will lead to strong and profitable customer relationships for their clients or companies.

The workshop will include four sub-themes critical to successful implementation of the principles of the psychology of the customer experience that lead to loyal and profitable customer relationships. Participants will be actively engaged in learning the principles and how to turn them into business practice

Capitalize on expert knowledge to
gain maximum value on these vital issues . . .

A.    The Psychology of the Customer’s Experience
    This is the core of the conference workshop including: Discussions of the psychological framework underlying compelling customer experiences. Examples of companies successfully using the principles and reaping the benefits. o    Interactive small group sessions where participants will apply the principles. Poster session where solutions generated by other groups will be shared, giving each individual an opportunity to engage fellow participants in a discussion of solutions ofgreatest relevance to their client base/company. • Workshop leader commentary on the solutions generated, how they make the transition from the problem to the solution and how they can become a template.

B. Seeing the Opportunities in Change. In order to propose the adoption of a more positive customer experience,consultants/champions must see how change in the marketplace creates high value opportunities for customers. To do so, they need an efficient and effective method of turning information into insights. In this interactive session of the workshop, attendees will learn how to use and implement an Internet based system that makes this routine.

C. Persuasion that Sells Customer Experience as a Solution - Most business leaders have a deep-seated mindset focused on selling, whether it is goods or services. Selling makes money. The challenge for consultants/champions is to persuade them to embrace new business practices based on customer experiences - because they can lead to sustainable relationships and sustainable profits. In this session participants will interactively work through exercises to give them the necessary strategies and tactics.

D. Implementation by Engaging Employees - The psychological framework covered in session A will prepare consultants/champions to engineer customer experiences for all the touch points a customer has with a company. However, this is not enough. Employees must understand, embrace and actively engage in making the experiences happen. This session will start with a description of how employees can become active participants in putting the experiences into action. through this participation they will learn to internalize the system and develop conviction to its success. At the heart of this session is an interactive process where the consultants/champions identify the challenges in using this method and workout solutions that work in their business environments.





Day 1 - Morning

Wenyi How
• Opening Remarks
• Customer Experience in Indonesia
Robert Stacey
• Customer Values in the Customer Experience Environment
Paul Leow

• Customer Managed Relationship (CMR)

Day 1 - Afternoon
- John Todor - Addicted Customer Overview      



Day 2 – Morning
- Open discussion workshop John Todor
– (supported by Dr. Paul Leow) Addicted Customer           
- The Psychology of Customer Experience
o Seeing the Opportunities in Change

Day 2 – Afternoon
- Open Discussion workshop John Todor
- (supported by Robert Stacey)Addicted Customer
- Persuasion that Sells Customer Experience as a Solution
- Implementation by Engaging Employees



Day 3 - Morning
Brunch with John Todor and Robert Stacey on the future of Addicted Customer


John I. Todor, Ph.D
uniquely combines two perspectives for developing win-win relationships between companies
andtheir customers. As a professor and researcher at the University of Michigan and the University of California, Berkeley he investigated how people learn and make decisions. As a business owner, executive and consultant he has faced the realities of making a profit. He is the author of three books related to the customer experience and social business practices: Addicted Customers: How to Get Them Hooked on Your Company, Winning Mindshare: The Psychology of Personalization and One-to-one Marketing, and Get With it! The Hands-on Guide to Using Web 2.0 in Your Business
He has been a consultant or internal champion related to the customer experience, change and innovation for over 20 years. His consulting clients range from small entrepreneurial ventures to multi-nationals like General Motors and IBM. As an external consultant to Hewlett-Packard, he worked extensively with their international clients to help them embrace customer-centric business practice as a strategy to profit from the opportunities driven by rapid change. He is an internationally known business speaker.

Robert T. Stacey, CDP, PCRM.
- Robert has over 40 years experience in Direct Marketing and Customer Relationship Marketing/Management. He has been in the trenches advising, initiating, implementing and executing multiple facets of CRM. As an experienced former senior consultant, he has provided services in areas such as strategic planning, technology solutions, data mining, statistical analysis, predictive modeling, legacy system assessment and integration of business processes and systems.
Robert would likely tell you he's half marketer and half technologist. He is the winner of several marketing awards and was formerly Vice President of two major advertising agencies.
Robert currently serves as President and CEO of AARM International. His career involvement with CLTV stretches over many years.He was formerly Chairman of the Board of the Canadian Marketing Association.

Wenyi How, MBA, PCRM, PCEM 
- is Singaporean, works and lives in Jakarta, Indonesia, Singapore, and Egypt. Founder of The Right Step and Kum’s Cake (Cairo, Egypt) . Wenyihas a Bachelor Degree in Accounting, Master Degree in Strategic Marketing from the UK University, and a diploma in Arabic language from the American University in Cairo, Arabic Language Institute, Certified Train the Trainer from Association for Advancement of Relationship Management (AARM) Canada. Her  strength is in business processes, marketing management, customer experience, internal and external audit, accounting, and finance with over 22 years of experience in various industries such as Automotive, Manufacturing (automotive, printing, food and beverages, Oil refinery, Cotton), Industrial Estate, Developer, and hospitality services.
Wenyi has  lived in overseas countries for more than 18 years, and has an excellent international exposures with over 127 nationalities and able to speak and write in multiple languages, English, Malay, Mandarin, Arabic.
She has worked and consulted at General Motors Indonesia, General Motors-Singapore, JW Marriott, KwikKopy Business Center, Community Service Association-Cairo, Arthur Andersen Audit, PT Intiland Development Tbk., Indofood, Indomobil, Mercedes Benz, Batamindo Industrial Estate, Palm oil refinery, IndoPrinter and Gokak Indonesia.

Professor Paul Leow, DBA, PCRM – CEM
A Singaporean-born Canadian, business mentor and customer centric marketer by profession.
Co-founder of AARM Asia Pacific (2005), Executive Vice President AARM Canada (1996), Executive Director CRM & Learning Tan Chong Group (since 2008). Adjunct faculty for Nanyang Technological University, Paris Graduate School of Management, Universiti Utara Malaysia, Universitas Surabaya & National Ping Tung University of Science & Technology. Over 26 years exposure with known brands like Samsung, AMD, Intel, Ford, Nissan, Kookmin Bank, Volkswagen, etc in the conceptualization, integration and management of Database, Direct Marketing, Integrated Marketing Communication, Loyalty Marketing, Internet Marketing, Customer
Relationship Marketing/Management, Consumer Research and one-to-one Marketing initiatives for many MNCs and Fortune 500 companies on the FSI, Healthcare of intensive hands-on, Services, FMCG and Automobile verticals in Asia and North America
He has taught in universities like Hannam University Korea, New York Institute of Technology, Upper Iowa University, Cape Breton University Canada, Malaspina University College Canada, NTU Singapore, Paris Graduate School of Management and HELP University College Graduate School Malaysia. Paul has lived, studied and worked in cities like Singapore, Connecticut, Vancouver, Gold Coast, London, Kuala Lumpur, Daejeon and Seoul; with regular business attachment to cities like Changchun, Shanghai, Beijing, Jakarta, Manila, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.



Date: 4-5 December, 2017 (Conference)
09:00 am – 05:00 pm

6 December, 2017 (Brunch with John Todor and Robert Stacey)
Venue : Ballroom The Ritz Carlton Hotel,
Pacific Place, Jakarta.



Early bird (until end of October ): IDR   7,500,000 USD 650 (overseas rate)
(until end of November)              : IDR  8,500,000  USD 750 (overseas rate)
December                                     : IDR 10,000,000 USD 850 (overseas rate)

IDR 1,000,000  USD 80 (Overseas rate)


Registration call:

Rizka : +62-818 0212 4060
Dila    : +62-896 8266 3983
Rizal  : +62-857 8134 4535
Kum   :+62-819 3288 3666
Head Office :+62-21-2598 5097


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